Climbing Chamundi Hills

Location: Chamundi Hills, Mysore
Date: Apr 3rd, 2011
To get there: Chamundi Hills is a well known landmark and visible from anywhere in Mysore city and anyone will be able to guide you. Ask for the steps to climb it as you get close else they will direct you to the road going up.
Distance: 150 km from Bangalore
Trail type: Flight of stone steps, about 1000 in number.
Facilities: Refreshments are available at the top. At the start and on the path also if you start late.
Map: Click here for the Google map.

It was a friends with family get-together that got us to stay at a resort in Mysore close to Chamundi Hills. A few of us took the chance to do a good trek and shed some of the calories that we were surely going to gain in the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet everyday. The choice was to climb up Chamundi Hills, yes, using our own god given 2 legs.

Even though, I have been to Mysore many times, this was the first time I actually did this climb. After getting directions we found the start of the steps. There is ample parking and some shops here. When we reached the place at about 7am on a Sunday, there were quite a number of people already coming down!

The steps are just like that for any of the numerous hill temples in India. We didn't count them, but I believe it is about a 1000!

For me of course, it was a chance to look for some birds along the way. However, it was disappointing as the Great Tit turned out be the best sighting. There was also a quick glimpse of Common Iora and another uncommon flycatcher which flew away before I could view and ID it properly.

The climb itself is not too strenuous if done in a proper pace taking rests at good view points. We did it under an hour and were fine after. The steps end close to the temple and you can immediately buy some rejuvenating tender coconut or Nandini flavoured milk to reward yourself. :)

The views are better enjoyed coming down and you can see the palace grounds and most of Mysore on a good clear day.

Start early...preferably right after day breaks. Give yourself 2-3 hrs to complete the trek. Carry some water/snacks and as always don't add to the trash that is already there! Enjoy.


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