Birding at a resort - Georgia Sunshine Village

Last month, (April 2010), we spent a couple of days at Georgia Sunshine Village celebrating the start of the summer vacation along with another family. This cannot really be grouped under family trekking spots near Bangalore as per this blogs charter, but I thought I will share a short account anyway as we enjoyed the nature during our stay there.

First some information about the place. You can reach it via Mysore Rd or Kanakpura Road, both of which will need about 3hrs. Directions, cost of stay etc can be found on their website. If you need more information, you can ask them directly or add a comment/send an email to me.

We chose to take the Kanakpura route just for a change and left early (6am) to do some birding along the way. There is a nice large water body right after Harohalli which has good possibilities.
Plenty of Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, Purple/Pond/Grey Herons, Little Grebe and Egrets. Nothing exotic as we were past the migration season. Lot of Sunbirds and Prinias along the bushes also.

It was stop and go all along that route for us with highlights being, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Long-tailed Shrike, Green-billed Malkoha. A culvert about 3-5 kms after Kanakpura gave us an excellent spot for picnic and birding in the fallow fields opposite as the family leisurely go through their buns/biscuits and fruits!

The resort itself has a active bird life. You can find Sunbirds (both purple & purple-rumped), all 3 Bulbuls (Red-vented, Red-whiskered, White-browed), Tickells flower pecker and Yellow-billed Babblers all over their garden. There were also several resident Spotted Owlets near one of the cottages. I enjoyed them perching and staring at us for long minutes and even got luck to see 2 of them try to hunt a lizard on the ground. Other not so common birds we saw were Indian Grey Hornbill, Small Minivet and Golden Oriole.

They take you on a trek around the place in the morning and fishing (catch and leave) in the evening. The trek provided us with some nice birding, especially in a large Ficus tree close by. We went back here next day morning also for some quiet birding and were rewarded with Tickels Blue Flycatcher, Coppersmith Barbet, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and a Fantail (not sure of the ID). During the trek itself, we got to see the Greater Flameback , Ashy Woodswallows, Shikra and Common Iora. Highlight was spotting all 3 Munias (scaly-breasted, Black-headed, White-rumped) along with a Baya Weaver all foraging in the same spot!

Overall, enjoyed the "nature" during our stay here!